Big Risks In Cleveland.

The NFL draft is over and the Cleveland Browns made some risky moves in the first round.  Many were thinking, including myself,  Browns walk away with Josh Allen and Bradley Chubb or Sam Darnold and Quenton Nelson.  Instead the highly respected talent evaluators, Scot McCloughan and John Dorsey, chose CB Denzel Ward  (who I do like very much) and Baker Mayfield.

The Browns may have been able to move back a few picks and still get Ward, but the Mayfield pick is really the high risk move.  A smallish quarterback who makes electric plays, could Mayfield still have been available many picks later?  I did not get the impression that Mayfield was on the radar for teams like the Jets, Colts, Giants, or Broncos.  The Browns could’ve moved both of their picks for a great haul and still picked late in the top ten and in the top fifteen and probably still land their two guys.

This is gonna get messy in Cleveland.  They have a very serviceable QB now in Tyrod Taylor, but the minute the team has a couple 3 and outs, the fans will want their #1 pick playing asap.  There is also the aspect of what if Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, or Sam Darnold (or all three!) really play well, while Mayfield struggles (especially without Joe Thomas protecting his blind side) or isn’t as good as some of them?  Then the Browns are in for another 3-5 years of hopeless football.  The four QB’s will be compared to each other for sure and the Browns better hope they were spot on in picking Mayfield over the other three.

  • Harish Narayan

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