The Shutdown Corner

Who will draft Denzel Ward and will he slide into the top 10?  Many publications have the former Ohio State CB as the top corner in the draft.  It’s going to be a great draft with excellent safeties, but admittedly the CB crop is not elite.  Ward is.

The knock on Ward is his size, an inch or two shorter than 6 feet and about 180 pounds, which used to be about the size most corners were when they entered the NFL.  Many teams are now focused on bigger corners, but make no mistake, no corner is at Ward’s level.  At 4.3 speed and excellent man to man technique, passing on Ward early will be a mistake.  There are bigger corners that are better in zone coverage, but Ward is “on his hip pocket” type corner that stays on (more like meddles) in crossing routes.

Many draft experts suggest Ward is top ten pick talent and yet not a top ten pick, but a smart and savvy team will grab Ward and say, “that’s their best receiver, stay on him”.

That’s the definition of a potential shutdown corner.

  • Harish Narayan

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