Time For A Rebuild In San Francisco

The first six years of this decade cemented the legacy of Buster Posey, Bruce Bochy, Madison Bumgarner, and many of the San Francisco Giants as they won 3 World Series and threatened yearly.  The time has come for them to turn the page and not end up in the predicament the Philadelphia Phillies found themselves earlier in the decade.  If they aren’t careful, Brian Sabean and Bobby Evans will repeat the mistakes that Ruben Amaro Jr. made by stacking the team with aging veterans trying to eek out one more playoff run.

The Giants need to close the chapter on one of their greatest eras and start fresh.  Although Vegas Insider has them in the middle of the pack (ranked 18th with a 35/1 odds to win it all), three teams in their own division have much better odds (Rockies, Diamondbacks, Dodgers).  Besides the odds, just looking at the teams with your own eyes tells you all you need to know.  Those three teams simply seem superior to the Giants and they all made the playoffs last season too.

Does it mean the Giants should just pack it in?  Yes.  While they have players with stellar value, this is the time to stockpile the farm system with the next crop of Giants’ players.  When Bumgarner returns can you contemplate having the greatest postseason pitcher in history pitching game 1 of a series for the Yankees or another contending team?  Imagine having Severino become your #2 starter on the Yankees or Kluber and Carrasco pitch games two and three for the Indians?  No current pitcher in the league can be picked as a favorite against Bumgarner in any postseason game.

What about the great Buster Posey?  Not only is he a middle of the order clutch hitter, but has pitch called some of the best games of the decade (that cannot be understated).  Posey could take a team like the Mets or Nationals to an all-together different level just in leadership alone or a move to the AL could extend his career also.  Other players that can be moved are Cueto (another proven playoff performer), Samardzija, plus recent acquisitions McCutchen and Longoria.  Giants should consider moving just about anyone from their 25 man roster.

The top 9 salaries on the Giants are all players 30 and over and the team has the second highest payroll in the league.  The Giants are not a team that wants to rebuild, but why not?  They own their own (already paid off) ballpark and the time to go young like the Astros and Cubs (the last two World Series winners) did is now.  It’s your call Sabean and Evans.

-Harish Narayan





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