What Next For Dez Bryant?

Now that the Dez Bryant, the Cowboys star, phase is over what options does Bryant have now?  Many sites are already listing locations for him to go, with no concern over cap issues or fit issues.  Bryant must choose wisely, this next move could help cement his legacy and possibly lead him to Canton or it could be a money move that leads him to relative obscurity.

The 49ers, Texans, Patriots, and Panthers would be the best fit for Dez and could lead him to titles.  Texans already have a clear #1 target, but Dez could keep his star power in Texas and could share the spotlight with Hopkins.  In Santa Clara, Bryant would immediately be the #1 receiver for an up and coming team (release Foster and sign Bryant on the same day?), while the Panthers and Patriots are obviously ready to win now.  Jacksonville would not be a good fit, I could see Bryant getting very frustrated with Bortles and they already have some very promising pass catchers.

Dez Bryant’s agent needs to reach out to teams and choose the right place for Bryant to win and become Canton worthy, the time is now.

  • Harish Narayan



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