Transcendental Talent at #1?

We all know the Browns have the first pick in the upcoming draft and we all have heard about Darnold, Rosen, Barkley, and others being the top choice.  Many top scouts think there could be two “once in a generation talent” in this draft which will make this draft extraordinary.  That’s Barkley and Josh Allen.

Everyone knows about Saquon Barkley, especially since he went to Penn State.  Top draft forecasters and sites like Sports Illustrated and Mel Kiper Jr. consider him to be top talent entering the NFL.  Some are even mentioning him in the same category as Adrian Peterson and Ladanian Tomlinson.

The other talent, Josh Allen is the X factor here.  He wasn’t a top prospect out of high school and very few people watched any Wyoming games on TV, but make no mistake, Allen is a huge talent and has huge upside.

Josh Allen has an amazing arm, with power and velocity.  Yes, we know what happened to JaMarcus Russell, but Allen doesn’t have any of that baggage.  His throws are amazing, reminds me of Stafford or Rodgers types of throws, which includes throwing guys open and tight spirals.  He has great mobility and has the size to see downfield and take some hits.  His accuracy was an issue, but considering the quality of receivers he was working with and at times the harsh climate, he threw very well.  At this point, we cannot know how clutch he will be based on his body of work, but we do know that he’s tough (breaking tackles to get extra yards) and showed that he can improve yearly.

It will be a mistake for the Browns to pass up such a rare talent, but then of course we are talking about the Browns.  Look for Allen to go either #1 or within the next few picks.  He will wow that team’s fan base.

  • Harish Narayan




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