No Luck Of The Irish In Boston – Celtics

There was no St. Patrick’s Day luck in Boston this year, Kyrie is hurt.  Celtics are saying there is no structural damage in his left knee, but at the same time Danny Ainge has mentioned off-season surgery some time in the future for Irving, keep in mind it’s the same knee Irving had surgery on in 2015.  Whatever they are saying, either way he is hurting and it could pose a problem for Boston’s championship hopes this season.

Whether Ainge regrets it or not, we’ve also heard from him that Gordon Hayward has had a setback in his recovery. That’s not what Celtics’ fans (or just NBA fans in general) wanted to hear.  Maybe Jaylen Brown avoiding major injury (although he seriously banged his head and got concussed), is a sign …. a sign that all the stars may align and deep in the playoffs Brown, Irving, and Hayward are all playing together and leading Boston towards a NBA Finals, we will see.


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