QB Controversy In Philly? Not Really.

It’s assumed that the Eagles are going to go back to Carson Wentz next season, I think there are many reasons why they will not.  Once healthy, they should strongly consider moving Wentz and also obtaining a quality backup for Foles.

  1.  Nick Foles won 3 playoffs games including the Super Bowl.
  2.  Foles was the Super Bowl MVP, so it wasn’t game manager performance, he led his team downfield in clutch moments and caught a fourth down TD on a Belichick defense!
  3. How many clutch games has Wentz won for the Eagles so far in his blossoming career? None yet.
  4.  These are professional players (not college kids), that locker room knows who helped them win it all and who didn’t, how can Foles just stand with on the sidelines with a clipboard, after all, we just saw?
  5. Foles is not an older backup.  He just turned 29 during the playoffs and has less wear and tear due to his many years of backup duty.

Eagles fans should happily admit there is no going back now.


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