3 Reasons the Warriors Will Not Win


The Golden State Warriors will not win it all this season.  How can that be?  What are the signs?  Why assume they will fall apart? Although the Cavaliers are not looking as formidable so far, the Celtics and Rockets are.

  1. They’ve collapsed before.  The core of the team, suffered the most epic collapse in NBA history so it’s not out of the realm to believe they couldn’t melt down again and speaking of meltdowns, Kevin Durant and the Thunder lost a 3-1 advantage to the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals to finish off their epic collapse that same season.
  2. The defense has simply not been as strong as last season and opposing point guards are just torching the Warriors nightly.  Their defensive efficiency is worse 103.9 to 101.1, they were the top team in blocks and field percentage against last year, but the middle of the road in many defensive stats so far this season.
  3. The bench just hasn’t been good.  Beside strong contributions from Livingston and David West, the bench has been largely missing in action on many nights. Andre Iguodala has simply looked old and Warriors fans better hope that he’s just coasting to the playoffs.  Patrick McCaw, Nick Young, and Omri Casspi have all been disappointments.

Two years ago we assumed we’d seen the biggest collapse in NBA that we will ever see, but I believe we may see an equally big fall-apart at the seams this year.  Stay tuned.



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